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We always believe in continuous innovation and differentiation, in terms of product and process. We have understood the importance of natural resources those are not at all enough for satisfying the global demand of wood panels in future. Finding out wood substitute by utilising other natural fibre resources and woodmass is the subject of interest for wood scientists.

Resource mobilisation and technology development for utilising agriculture waste and woodmass is a massive and compulsive requirement of today's wood composite industry. And we can say we have partly contributed for that. Our endless efforts in researching up on agriculture wastes like cotton stalks, bagasse, rice husk, jute, bamboo and many more woodmass for developing agriculture/wood - polymer composites those can be used in construction and interior industries.

Our team is presently working on developing Injection moulding and compression moulding technologies for Wood plastic composite products and very soon we are launching these technologies for various product applications areas like Automobiles, Building materials and hardwares, Information technology, Electronics, Insulation and water and sanitation.